Why You Should Always Pay Yourself First

Every month we send out payments to companies to pay our bills. It becomes a habit knowing that these bills must get paid on time or else our service will get cut, our cars will get repoed or worse you might get kicked out of your house or apartment. On a daily basis, we go to work to put in that work so we can get paid to maintain the lifestyle we’ve created, but the question I must ask is, have you taken the time to invest in you? I hope your answer is yes. Most people reading this blog  are saying, “I put money aside to enjoy my life and buy things that make me happy.” If you’re thinking this way, time for a mindset change.


Let’s think about this for a second. You go to work to pay bills. You pay your bills and every month it’s the same thing over and over again. The money you have left, you take it spend it on material or unnecessary items. Do you realize you are taking the same money you earned and putting it in everyone else’s pocket but your own?


Imagine if you took that money and invested in yourself differently by putting some of it into a savings account for emergency situations, your 401k or even paying down your debt. Of course, we all like nice things, but it’s all about having a balance of what you want and what you really need long-term.

Paying yourself first means exactly what it says. You pay yourself first, and then you pay your bills after. You should set aside a portion of your paycheck to put an emergency savings account or an account for some of your long-term goals. The first bill you pay each month should be YOURSELF. Just like your other bills, this too is non-negotiable. Put it in your budget and make sure it gets put into your account. No ifs, and’s or but’s! If you have trouble putting the money into your account, set up an automatic transfer to your account based on the frequency of your paycheck. You won’t be sorry as you watch your savings account grow.

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