The Beginners Guide: Traveling to Havana Cuba eBook


Havana by far has to be one of the best cities to explore in the Caribbean. It’s as though you walked into a time machine and found yourself in the 1960’s. The vibrant city is rich with culture. Walking through the streets you can feel the Cuban vibes as you listen to Salsa and Bolero. This guide is perfect for someone who wants to see both the historic and poppin’ spots of Havana. The Beginners Guide: Traveling To Havana Cuba is a 50-page eBook that provides details ranging from obtaining your visa, museums, top restaurants, transportation and much more…

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Custom Travel itinerary


So you really don’t want to do the research and you’re just interested in getting to the destination. This is perfect if you want to:

  • Know where to find the best flight and hotel deals
  • Where are the best restaurants to visit & eat
  • Popular activities to do etc

With this option, you will receive a day-by-day itinerary on Trello with your preferences as well as recommendations for restaurants, activities, tours etc.

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