4 Ways to Approach Gift-Giving During the Holidays

You made your list for the holidays and you realize there are more people on your list than expected. Then you look at your budget and the numbers don’t add up. Ohh I know the feeling especially if you have a lot of friends and family. The struggle is real, but there is a method to keeping all your gift giving within your budget if you do it right. It all about getting creative, tapping into your talents, and resources.

Personally, I have a huge family and know a lot of people. It’s almost impossible to get gifts for everyone because it’s overwhelming. I barely have time to call everyone on a consistent basis. However, the holidays are my personal time to touch base with everyone, so I created a master plan. *inserts evil laugh* Ready?  Here are 4 ways to approach gift-giving during the holidays:


Divide it by the people you know you are absolutely going to purchase a physical gift. You can base it off of the relationship you have with the person if you are extremely close or if you’ve spoken recently etc. There are many factors, but you decide. Then for the people, that you want to let them know that you are thinking, you can mail or email them a holiday card. If this isn’t your style, I’ve got more for you.


Listen, no judgments here if you do this. It is what it is and it’s the thought that counts. People cannot get upset if you thought about them. Whether it’s a candle or some fancy trinket. It makes going shopping less stressful and if you’re on a tight budget this is pretty easy to do. You can kick it up a notch and maybe customize it yourself with their name or something.


If you are artistic make something and give it to your friends and family. This makes your gift personable. I love artistic gifts because it shows that the person thought about me and created something out of love. If you aren’t artistic I’m going to refer you to my homegirl Etsy. On her platform, there are plenty artistic entrepreneurs that would love your business and help you spread holiday cheer.


I spoke about this earlier, but if you’re really on a tight budget this year and you can’t afford to buy physical gifts send out holiday cards. You can take the time and write thoughtful notes in them for each and every person. This might require you making some phone calls or sending texts to address, but it’ll be worth it. If you don’t want to bother with that customize a holiday email card.


If you’re celebrating with your family and/or friends another great way to save is by putting together a Yankee swap or a white elephant gift exchange. Then when the holiday party comes about or whenever you meet up you exchange the gifts. Boom! That way you’re really only buying one person a nice gift and there’s a cap on how much you spend. If the person is not a part of the swap you can use the 4 other options listed above.

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