Catchin’ Flights Not Fees™

A personal finance and travel site dedicated to helping women of color have real conversations about money and travel so they can experience the world, not financial limits.

About the Founder

Felicia Blaise is Travel & Personal Finance Strategist dedicated to helping women of color change the way they think about money. She is passionate about personal finance and traveling the world and views both as the key to a wealthy life.

Like most, Felicia wasn’t aware of the importance of financial literacy until she found herself in an undesirable situation. As a new graduate living on her own in 2013, she was juggling her living expenses, settling into a new city and managing student loan payments all at once; a major challenge. She was living paycheck-to-paycheck racking up credit card debt until she realized something had to change. It was through this difficult time she taught herself how to effectively manage her money. Through creating her own money management system, Felicia was able to pay off $7,000 in credit card debt in 7 months, save up a financial cushion and put money towards the thing she values the most: travel.

Travel has become a huge part of her life as it has consistently pushed her out of her comfort zone and changed her view of the world. Felicia’s goal is to provide women of color with the tools and resources they need to manage their money effectively while traveling the world. offers a way for women of color to achieve both.

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